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Roto Pumps Ltd.- India's one of the leading Industrial Pumps Manufacturer and supplier company.

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Progressive Cavity Pumps for Efficient Fuel Transfer

Crude oil or petroleum is extracted from the Earth for more than 100 years now. Today petroleum is used as a fuel and is also utilized in manufacturing plastic, crayons, etc. Millions of barrels of crude oil are extracted from Earth and moved to more than a billion fuel tanks.

After drilling and perforation, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is used for flushing out oil trapped in the rocks. Crude oil is then collected in common field gathering and then transferred for refining. Oil exploration and transportation is thus a humungous process. It requires both a dedicated workforce and efficient equipment. Therefore the most suitable and trustworthy pumps are used for these processes.

Oil pumps manufactured by the Roto Pumps are also used for exploration, production, transportation, refining, distribution, and supply.

Roto Pumps are the best when it comes to fuel transportation. The company’s fuel transfer pumps are suitable for processes such as upstream, midstream, and downstream applications in the oil and gas industry. These pumps are well-known to transfer effortlessly highly viscous and shear sensitive media.

Some of the benefits of Roto Pumps are that these are low in NPSHR, which means that they ensure smooth operations even at high temperatures and with high vapour pressure liquids. These oil transfer pumps can continuously work on gaseous liquids and do not require a foot valve. They can be customized to meet the requirements of the customer and are made to ensure that the quality of shear sensitive media that is being transferred does not deteriorate. With their non-clogging feature, these pumps can easily handle media that have a high percentage of solids. They are the best when it comes to handling aggressive liquids that have high viscosity. Some of the pumps that are preferred in the oil and gas industry are Roto semi-submersible pumps and Roto twin screw pumps.

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